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How can I order?

You can immediately send your order / request through our Furnitura webshop. In addition, you can also place your order / request by phone or email.

After placing your order / request, we check all the information, namely the order details, the parts and the availability of the desired rental equipment.

If an item is not available, we will suggest an alternative.

After checking the request by Furnitura, you will receive a proposal from us integrating the logistical aspects.

We ask you to sign this order confirmation or respond with the order confirmation.

How far in advance should I make a reservation?

We recommend that you book well in advance.

Can I still modify my order?

You can always make changes or add items to your order up to 7 business days before the scheduled delivery. Your order will be loaded into one of our vehicles one working day before the site delivery day.

If your order is changed, send an email to indicating the order number in the subject line of your email.

How long can I keep my rental equipment?

At O3 you can rent equipment for short periods (our standard rental period is 1 to 3 days), but we also apply attractive prices for long-term rentals.

Can I order a product that is not on your website?

Our range is expanding every day, also at the request of our customers.

If you are looking for a specific product or you did not find your item immediately, contact us: We will be happy to help you in your search!

Can I cancel my order?

Yes it’s possible.

We only accept cancellations communicated by email to with the subject “CANCELLATION” + the order number.

Keep in mind that we keep the goods you have ordered reserved for you and therefore have also refused other customers / requests. Therefore, we apply cancellation fees of:

  • 50% of the goods ordered for the requested period in the event of cancellation 7 calendar days before the scheduled delivery
  • 60% of the goods ordered for the requested period in the event of cancellation 6 calendar days before the scheduled delivery
  • 70% of the goods ordered for the requested period in the event of cancellation 5 calendar days before the scheduled delivery
  • 80% of the goods ordered for the period requested in the event of cancellation 4 calendar days before the scheduled delivery
  • 90% of the goods ordered for the requested period in the event of cancellation 3 calendar days before the scheduled delivery
  • 100% of the goods ordered for the requested period if the cancellation occurs 2 calendar days (or less) before the scheduled delivery

All products that may be personalized and / or items made to measure for you are 100% payable as soon as they are put into production.


When will my items be delivered?

We can deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the time you choose. And the same for the recovery (and / or disassembly) of the material.

When ordering, please indicate the time slot during which you want your delivery.

How much cost the deliveries ?

The delivery is calculated according to the total volume of your articles and the place (and the specifications of your event).

The delivery costs are clearly and separately indicated on your quote.

Where and how are my items delivered?

When ordering, give us the specifications of your request.

Do you simply want the items to be delivered on a pallet and do the placement yourself? It is also possible.

Would you rather O3 take care of the placement?

Is delivery possible on one floor? Is the place difficult to reach?

O3 takes care of everything.


When and how can I pay?

After signing your offer, you will receive our invoice and we will make the payment at least 48 hours before delivery, specifying the file number.

Breakage or damage is checked on site at the time of collection of the products and indicated on the return document that you sign at the time of return.

If no customer representative is present on site at the time of collection of the goods, the photos are considered as proof of the damage.

The equipment returned by the customer in “dry rental” to our depot in Heverlee, will be checked within 48 hours after the return. If damage / breakage is found at that time, it will also be reported to the customer and billed if the Customer cannot remedy the repair. A voucher signed by O3 upon return to Heverlee does NOT count as an agreement on the conformity of the goods.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

A guarantee depends on the type of items you order.

If a warranty applies, this will be stated clearly and separately on your quote.


Do I have to return the material myself?

You can choose to bring it back yourself or have our technicians pick it up, for a transportation fee.

What should I do in case of breakage, damage or missing parts?

Damage, breakage or missing delivery must be reported as soon as possible. This is why we ask you to take a photo as soon as possible and send an e-mail to Any damage, breakage or defect noted by Furnitura when the equipment is returned must be compensated by the customer.

Would you like to return the rented equipment yourself?

If you return the equipment too late, we are obliged to charge an additional cost (which may range from an additional rental cost for the additional period, or even add to an additional transport cost to deliver the equipment to the next customer on time. ).

We always offer the best service to each client. We ask you to return the rented equipment to us at the agreed times.


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